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Dear Future Guest,

We welcome you here also in writing in the hope that we can greet you soon in person in our nice and hospitable village, Szegvár.
‘What can they show to me?’ you ask it surely.
Well, we cannot show mountains, seaside, exotic plants and animals of unknown regions or hotels with all modern conveniences as we do not have these.
But we have a plain with its beauty, rivers, little lakes, alleys, green wood meadows and excellent fishing and hunting possibilities. You can visit the county hall with its complete beauty, which was built in the Baroque and was the home of the county general assembly from 1776 to 1883. The more than 250-year-old local Catholic Church was also built in the Baroque whereas the museum of the village is in the building of the salt house from the 18th century.
The equipment of our windmill – which was built in the middle of the 19th century – is nearly complete and today it is an exhibition hall.
The privately owned doll museum which was established and is supported by own sponsors expects the visitors on the high street.
The people of Szegvár are proud of the village where the first group of people settled down provably more than seven thousands years ago and therefore this place is a treasury for archaeologists but it is also a nice place for visitors and adventurers to spend intimate and pleasant hours or days here. Your general feeling can be increased by services of our exclusive pension or local hospitable guest-houses.
We invite and expect you with all one’s heart for who the inhabitants’ hospitality, the proximity of the nature, the simple but unique memories of the past or the peculiar and friendly atmosphere of our nice village can be attractive.
Come to us and bring your family and friends, too.
See you soon in Szegvár!

Szenczi Sándorné Mayor

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